Scientific board

Salvino Campos - Artist

Salvino Campos was born in Brazil, in Quartel Geral (the State of Minas Gerais). He began to work professionally there when he moved to Porto Alegre in 1992, where, in 1995, he had his first exhibition. The same year he moved to Brasilia. In the capital he worked as an assistant in the fields of advertising and fashion, which enabled him to mature professionally and to experiment with different working methods, with, for example, the use of light and large scale reproduction. Studied at the ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York. Cartier Bresson's statement that "taking photographs is a means of understanding" is relevant for Campos, who is continually seeking a synthesis between art and anthropology.

This is the source of his personal and original artistic journey and gives him the flexibility to deal with different subjects and different styles: from his studies of faces, bodies and also landscape, where he reveals its symbolic aspects. The taking of a photograph thus becomes a question of surroundings, of spaces and of their evocative power.

The personal reflections of Campos are those of someone working in the tradition of post- modernism, especially where man and his traditions in a globalized world are concerned. In this new dimension, the ethic which Campos makes his own accentuates his personal style and reveals his social and humanist commitment. 

He lives and works in Naples and in Rio de Janeiro.

Santiago CaprioArchitect, Urban Designer

Santiago Caprio plays as Technical Director and Coordinator for the International Master for the Politecnico di Milano "Polis-Maker" to face social and environmental challenges from innovative and resilient point of view, perform sustainable development and emergency management of Urban Transformation. 

Profesor in "Art & Design" at Politecnico di Milano and "Design and Technology" at University of Buenos Aires. Santiago born in Buenos Aires and rise in Milan and Como. 

He holds a PhD, Master in Advanced Studies, Architect and Designer. Caprio is author of 11 books and publishes in Italy, Argentina, Chile, India, EUA and Spain.

His international experience in India, Kuwait, Spain, Dubai, Canada, Iran, Indonesia, Germany, Uruguay, Azerbaijan, EUA, Bahrain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Mongolia, China, UK, El Salvador, Russia, Chile and others are nourished with comprehensive and cross solutions, catalyzing various requirements of commitments with holistic approach that oversees culture, economic and sustainable concept. 

Founder of & a NY

Mariela Castro - Psychologist, Sociologist, Director of CENESEX

Director of CENESEX and of the specialized magazine "Sexology and Society", member of the Scientific Committee The Italian Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine; President of the National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People of MINSAP and member of the José Antonio Aponte Commission against racism and racial discrimination of UNEAC. She is an active member of the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for Sexuality Studies (SOCUMES) of which she was its president for 10 years; the World Association of Transgender Health Professionals (WPATH); the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) of which she was a member of its Advisory Committee for 8 years; Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the Cuban Society of Psychologists and the Latin American Association of Researchers in Human Reproduction (ALIR). She was one of the 25 international personalities who formed part of the UN High Level Working Group for the International Conference on Population and Development (2012-2016)

She has been the author and co-author of 21 books and 11 technical documents in national and foreign publishers. She has published 21 scientific articles in Cuban and international magazines. 

She has been a main professor in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in national educational institutions and in other countries.

 For several years she coordinated the Academic Committee for the Master's in Sexuality. She has participated in more than 200 national and international scientific events as lecturer and speaker, in many of them as organizer and president. She chaired the XVI World Congress of Sexology held in Havana in 2003. In several congresses of the World Association for Sexual Health he was a member of the International Scientific Committee.

Francesco Ciotola - PhotographerVideoArtist, Art Historian

Artist and Curator Francesco Ciotola was born in Naples. After a first degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, in 2006 he attended a Master in European Arts and Cultures between Naples and Seville. Later on he graduated in Environment and Landscape Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He worked at the Communication Department at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Seville. 

From 2008 Francesco has been involved with projects on landscapes in Italy and in Europe, creating campaigns for land surveying and documentaries. To his credit he holds various teaching experiences in the field of artistic and photographic education in different schools. Partner from 2009 to 2012 at the Studio Associate D77 Photographers based in Naples, he supports and promotes the Social Function of Art and Photography in particular, with different bottom-art projects, personal and collective exhibitions and Artist Residencies in Italy and Europe. 

He is admitted to practice as an Experts in the field of Art, also he is a consultant for several bodies within the Culture in the Third Sector and is Founder of the Association of Social Promotion Nuova Fotografia Organizzata and of the blog Ottica Contemporanea. 

For his work, Francesco has always preferred the use of primitive and obsolete B / W film cameras and work in the darkroom. 

Several of his works are part of International collections.

Giuliana Guazzaroni - Augmented and virtual reality specialist

Teacher in Higher Education with a Technology Enhanced Learning Ph.D.

She has developed EMMAP (Emotional Mapping of Museum Augmented Places) an interactive format for Museums, Archaeological Parks, Arts Galleries etc.

She was awarded the Presidential Medal of the Italian Republic for her research related to augmented reality.

She has been involved in e-moderating different online courses at the Università Ca' Foscari of Venice and the Università Politecnica delle Marche. She has used E-Learning environments, integrating learning objects with mobile devices, to create unique learning experiences where the participant interacts in a place, at the same time, authentic and augmented by the use of different media.

She studies and develops virtual or augmented reality systems useful in treating mental health, and special needs.

She has published and edited scientific articles and books on the themes of E-Learning, videoart, virtual and augmented reality in mental health treatment, in education, art, and museums (IGI Global, USA, Springer).

She has a degree in Foreign Languages (Università di Macerata), a master's degree in Special Education (Università di Macerata), a master's degree in Technologies and Methodologies of E-Learning (Università di Verona), and a Ph.D in Engineering Sciences, Curriculum E-Learning (Università Politecnica delle Marche).

Azzurra ImmediatoHistorian, art critic and independent curator

Historian, art critic and independent curator, Azzurra was born in Benevento and lives in Bologna where she graduated in History of Architecture and Art at DAMS and subsequently obtained a master's degree in History of Medieval and Modern Art, at the Alma Mater Studiorum. 

Azzurra collaborates with magazines such asArtsLife, Photolux Magazine, Il Denaro, Senza Filtro and some newspapers. She focuses her research on multidisciplinary artistic projects, with particular attention to photography, videoart and the performing arts, in addition to painting and sculpture. 

She has followed and follows several emerging and non-emerging artists, for several years she has cooperated with some galleries as a critic, in particular in the work of designing, writing and editing catalogs and art books, curating it for monographic and collective exhibitions; she also works on installations and artistic projects of a different nature. 

She is among the first signatories of the Art Thinking Manifesto and plays the role of Senior Art Curator for Arteprima Progetti. Azzurra assigns culture a central role in human existence and curiosity for the world a value to never forget.

Lamosa Lab. - Art Space, organizer of the Festival Internacional de Videoarte 1 Minuto

Daniel Raposo Montes, creator, researcher and cultural mediator born in a town in Huelva. He is studying for a degree at BB.AA in Seville, he moves to Cuenca and obtains the D.E.A. in 2008. In 2015 he was in charge of the artistic direction, cultural action and curatorship in the art residencies project 'Permanencias'. From 2013 to the present he co-directs Lamosa, an emerging art space, where he curates exhibitions and manages creation workshops, events and calls both nationally and internationally, such as the 1-minute Video Art Festival that has already been 5 editions with the visualization of more than 200 videos.


Verónica Moreno, co-founder of Lamosa, cultural mediator and visual artist. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla la Mancha. In 2011 she traveled to Berlin, where she worked for the visual artist Abraham Hurtado, dedicating much of her work to video post-production. In 2015 she was part of the management of the international artist residency program, 'Permanencias San Antón 2015', carrying out the creative direction, curating and management of the project. As an art manager, she participated for two consecutive years, 2016-2017, in the second and third edition of the project 'Mujeres Mirando Mujeres' directed by 'Arte a un Click', curating the work of Julia Calvo Sánchez and Estela Miguel Bautista.

Raffaele Loffredo - Curator, Art Historian, Art Critic

Raffaele Loffredo is an italian curator, art historian and contemporary art critic with a
masters degree from the Departement of Cultural Heritage of Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples.
He has curated many exhibitions and catalogues in Italy and abroad (Argentina, Spagna, Cuba, Messico, among the others).

He has been collaborating, for ten years, as an assistant professor of Educational of artistic languages and Practices of recreational and creative entertainment, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Since 2006, he has working as a cultural operator in several Museums in Naples (Museum MADRE, Royal Palace, Archeological Museum) and also worked for the educational departments as a licensed tour guide.

He is the artistic director of Fondazione Arti Napoli and president of the cultural association Na'man. He founded, as a collector of contemporary art, the Home Gallery Gradoni Chiaia Contemporary Art&Bed with works by artists of the italian and international scene.

João Paulo Macedo - FICC / IFFS President of International Federation of Film Societies

João Paulo was born in Braga, Portugal. Studied at University of Évora and soon was involved in activities connected to Music, Theatre and Cinema. He has developed professional activities as film programmer, festival director, cultural producer being active both at national and international level. 

Together with other colleagues founded a film society and cultural association Think Forward, aimed the production of cultural projects in different areas. His work has been published in several magazines and is author and coordinator of different publications on cinema history. 

He took part at several juries at international film festivals and production support schemes of the Portuguese Institute of Cinema. Presently works as Technical Director of Minho Film Commission (North of Portugal) and the promotion of Bando à Parte films, one of the leading production companies in the country. He is consultant for cinema of the candidature for European Capital of Culture - Braga'27.

Anna Maria MonteverdiMultimedia Arts and Digital Theater Specialist, Associate Professor, State University of Milan

ph. Marzio Villa

Anna Maria Monteverdi is Associate Professor of History of Theatre at the Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Milan (2017-).

Adjunct Professor of Scenography for the Masters-level courses; she was Professor of History of Theatre at Academy of Fine Arts (2010-2017: Turin and Lecce), and Digital Performance (2005-2010: Brera)

Her research has focussed on Digital Performance, Contemporary Theatre and Experimental.

Founder and Director of the Academic Journal of the Department of the Cultural Heritage (UniMI), Connessioni Remote dedicated to Theatre, Technology and Artivism.


Le arti multimediali digitali (2005); Nuovi media nuovo teatro (2011); Memoria maschera e macchina nel teatro di Robert Lepage (2018); Leggere uno spettacolo multimediale (2020)

David Alberto Murolo - Film historian and Digital Heritage Specialist

David Alberto Murolo, was born in Reggio Calabria. From an early age he dealt with technologies and management of radio-television communication and entertainment with the family business. In 1995 he obtained the Degree at the D.A.M.S. of Bologna with a film and documentary thesis entitled "The Landscape in the New Italian Cinema". 

Founder, collaborator and consultant of companies and active in the design and development of various Italian media libraries and digital libraries. 

He has taught as an adjunct lecturer in various universities and training centers in the sectors of Cultural Heritage, Contemporary Art, Cinema and Photography, Television and New Media for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage. 

He has curated press offices, catalogs, film selection, technical coordination and juries in various film festivals including the International Federation of Film Societies and Locarno Film Festival. 

He has worked for various Italian cultural and cinematographic foundations as a technical evaluator to support film commission productions, editor and video content producer for regional cultural, museum and tourist portals, for the 2015 Milan EXPO. Passionate about music, art and travel books, coordinates and promotes Italian and foreign publications.

Roberto Paci Dalò - Director, composer, musician and visual artist

The artist Roberto Paci Dalò studied Visual Arts and Music in Ravenna and Fiesole and was awarded the Berlin DAAD Fellowship (1993). His work (as an artist, filmmaker, theatre director, musician/composer) has won him international admiration from amongst others, John Cage and Aleksandr Sokurov. Artistic Director of Giardini Pensili, performing arts company & media lab co-founded in 1985 as an ensemble based on the collaboration among artists, technicians, theoreticians. Since 2006 co-founder and director of Velvet Factory - space for the arts (Rimini, Italy). A pioneer in the use of digital technologies and telecommunication systems in art, particularly interested in performing arts as a meeting point of languages, he wrote, composed and directed since 1985 over 30 border-breaking music-theatre works presented worldwide. He composed music for acoustical ensembles, electronics, voices and a large number of innovative hörspiele and radioworks produced by the main European broadcasting corporations. Parallel to his musical work there is a body of films & videos regularly presented in international festivals. His dramaturgical materials are frequently re-composed in sound and video installations - often site specific and interactive - presented in museums, galleries, and the public space. He taught Media Dramaturgy at the University of Siena and collaborates with a number of institutions and research centres including University of Bologna, Domus Academy Milan, Brera Fine Arts Academy Milan, Ascoli Piceno and Rome universities, where he develops projects between technology, art and urban space in collaboration with designers, architects, city planners, artists, programmers, theoreticians and hackers.

Roberto Paci Dalò focuses his work on sound and design expanding them in video-sculptures, installation, music, movies, theater and collaborative projects.

Amelia Rojo - Public Image Consultant, Communication, Fashion and Sustainable Marketing specialists

Amelia Rojo has a Master degree as a Public Image Consultant from the College of Public Image Engineers of Mexico. She has fourteen years of professional experience in the management of Communication, Image and Public Relations on issues related to Sustainable Development.

Currently she is a Director of Communication and Image of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development of the Government of Morelos, Mexico.

During her professional career, she has coordinated and participated in the planning and development of communication and education campaigns to promote sustainable development, as well as massive national and international institutional events.

She has collaborated as a co-producer, scriptwriter and host in educational productions made by the Morelos Institute of Radio and Television (IMRyTV) and independent production companies. She currently collaborates with Televisa Morelos, in the personal image section, where she provides information related to well-being, health and beauty focused on public image.

She is the founder and promoter of the Sustainable Fashion MX collective, an initiative that links artisans and designers to create innovative products under the criteria of ethical and responsible fashion.

Her experience at school has allowed to develop her skills as a teacher, instructor and lecturer in consultancies, courses, workshops and diplomas in the area of ​​Public Image given to politicians, businessmen, artists and students.

She is part of the team of consultants at Ethical Fashion Space Consulting Group, a platform for Consulting, training and recognition of Sustainable Management specialized for the textile, clothing and fashion industry in Mexico.

Paolo Titolo - Artist

Paolo Titolo, who moved to Havana for many years, has been trained as a photojournalist for the newspaper "L'Ora" during which he expertly documented the effects of the Mafia in Sicily, particularly in the second half of the 1980s and his shots moreover in important international magazines (New York Times, Der Spiegel, Stern, Mary Clare, Il Corriere della Sera etc.) then producing photographic reportages in various countries of Asia, Latin America and Europe. 

Subsequently, after an interest in the Afro-Cuban rituals of the Cuban Santeria (Yoruba), from 2013 he began to document the life and conditions of Trans people in Cuba also assisted by the activity of CENESEX. 

His works will be the subject of various exhibitions, including, in recent years, in France (Paris, MEP, mesón europea de la fotografíe) (Fundación Brongston), Mexico (Guadalajara, Museo de las Artes), China (Beijing, Teatro Nacional de China).